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Media Committee


Hey Umami's!

We are Jo & Simbi, and the media committee for 2022-2023. We will be in charge of all posts and updates on the Umami social medial platforms . We make sure everyone is updated about latest events, news, parties, social activities, etc. 


Our goal is to keep you informed, make our social media pages very exciting, create more engaging contents, and also ensure you have all the updates that keep you glued to our pages. 


We look forward to an amazing year with you all, and are open to ideas & suggestions. 



Let’s do this together ❤️.


From left to right: Juliane Scholtyssek, Simbiat Oladoja

PHOTO-2023-01-16-00-08-20 3.jpg
Chairwoman: Simbiat Oladoja
PHOTO-2023-01-16-00-08-20 2_edited_edite
Commissioner: Juliane Scholtyssek
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