Media Committee

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Hey (future) Umami member!


We are happy to introduce ourselves to you as Umami’s Media Committee of 2021! Our names are Natalie and Tine, and we are responsible for keeping you up to date about all of Umami’s (online) activities.


As you are scrolling through your Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, we will make sure to provide you with nice content regarding Umami itself and its members, but we will also share fun or interesting posts that go beyond our study association.


All you have to do as a member is make sure you follow Umami’s Social Media channels and check your email inbox when the monthly newsletter arrives.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, ideas or feedback you might have!

From left to right: Tine Visser, Natalie-Anna Nosakova

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Chairwoman: Tine Visser
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Commissioner: Natalie-Anna Nosakova