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Business & Educational Committee


From left to right: Joram Voordijk, Sep Drabbels, Margaux Santens, Maria Peppa, Max Kevers

Hi! We are Sep, Margaux, Max, Maria, and Joram from the business and educational committee 2022-2023.


Our main goals is to organize interesting and varied company visits in the food- and beverage industry. Throughout the company visits, the HFIM students will have the possibility to get more insight on possible internships and future career opportunities. We would love to organise a business trip outside the Netherlands, for instance in Germany or Belgium.


If you have any suggestions for companies that you would like to visit, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Chairwoman: Margaux Santens
Vice-chairwoman: Maria Peppa
Secretary: Sep Drabbels
Treasurer: Max Kevers
Treasurer: Joram Voordijk
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