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Business & Educational Committee

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From left to right: Giselle Chu, Yente Hendricx, Eline Lejeune, Fernanda Vargas Totaitive, Bruna Viegas Sonegheti Ferraz

Hi! We are Eline, Bruna, Giselle, Yente and Fernanda from the business and educational committee 2023-2024.

Our goal as the business committee is to provide the students with an insight in what the food business looks like and where they might end up after graduating. Providing the HFIM students with practical, diverse, interesting (and most importantly: FUN) company visits is our main goal! 

As the educational committee we are planning to provide the students with useful workshops that can help them getting ready for internships or job interviews, writing application letters, their CVs, presentation skills or stress management. Our main goal is to create meaningful experiences for the HFIM students that will provide them tools to develop connections, skills and knowledge to be ready for their future!

If you have tips or suggestions for company visits or useful workshops, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Chairwoman: Eline Lejeune
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Secretary: Bruna Viegas Sonegheti Ferraz
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External Commissioner Business: Yente Hendricx
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External Commissioner Education: Fernanda Vargas Totaitive
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Treasurer: Giselle Chu
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