Activity Committee


Hi everyone, we are Marta, Carla, Gergana, and Johanne from the Activity committee 2021-2022.

Our main purpose is to organize events where HFIM students can bond with each other outside school environment. We already have so many ideas for different types of activities – theme parties, sport events, bonding activities, and we can’t wait to share it with you.  


Although the pandemic might have an impact on the types of events we organize, we would find a way to make your student life an amazing experience which you will never forget!

We are looking forward seeing you on our upcoming events!



From left to right: Gergana Genova, Johanne Vermetten, Marta Masson, Carla Rodenas

Chairwoman: Gergana Genova 
Secretary: Carla Rodenas
Vice chairwoman: Marta Masson
Treasurer: Johanne Vermetten