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Activity Committee

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From left to right: Cristina Bosch, Raf Keulen, Eirini Stylianopoulos, Finn Jackson

Hi everyone, we are Cristina, Raf, Eirini and Finn and we are proud to be the new activity committee of Umami 2023-2024!

Our main goal is to create a vibrant, fun an inclusive environment for all HFIM students! We take care of  organizing diverse and exciting events, such as theamed parties, after class activites (board games, pizza nights, etc.), sports, food related activities and our occasional partying. By fostering these events we want to ensure everyone enjoys their time in the Master's and an opportunity to bond with fellow classmates! 

In name of the Activity Committee, we are very excited and full of ideas to prepare lively activities for all of you as a fun distraction from your busy Uni schedule. We are looking forward to create unforgettable memories all together!

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Chairwoman: Cristina Bosch
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External Commissioner: Finn Jackson
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Secretary: Eirini Stylianopoulos
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Treasurer: Raf Keulen
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