Activity Committee

Hi everybody!


We’re the Activity Committee of ISA Umami 2020/2021 and we are here to make sure all the students have a great student experience during the HFIM Master. Even though it is difficult for everyone during the Covid-19 pandemic, we still want to make the most fun out of this year as possible. We are here to make sure you are still having fun and meeting new people during your masters, this way, we hope we can make some great memories together! We will be organizing party nights, bonding activities and fun outings to get to know each other even better. Even though we did not have the member weekend at the beginning of our year, we hope to organize a really fun member weekend at the beginning of next year! 


We hope to see you all at the wonderful activities we’re going to organize and make it a fantastic year full of memories together!



From left to right: Evi Winter, Lisa Gengler, Lisa Wieldraaijer, Eline Benerink

IMG_6284 (2).JPG
Chairwoman: Lisa Gengler 
IMG_6278 (3).JPG
Secretary: Lisa Wieldraaijer 
IMG_6292 (2).JPG
Vice chairwoman: Eline Benerink  
IMG_6269 (3).JPG
Treasurer: Evi Winter