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Activity Committee


Hi everyone, we are Angelika, Anne, Sannah and Preeti and we are proud to be the new activity committee of Umami 2022-2023!


As a team our main goal is to organize fun and interesting events for all HFIM students! We are planning on organizing a broad range of events, including, cooking (food related)/sports/music and bonding activities and ofcourse not to forget the occasional partying!


We hope that everybody will enjoy themselves and that we can provide you with a fun distraction from your busy uni schedule.


We are looking forward seeing you on our upcoming events and to make new memories to add to your already amazing student life!


PS: we would love to hear your ideas and opinion!

From left to right: Sannah Boer, Angelika Baaij, Preeti Pimplikar, Anne Pinckaers

Chairwoman: Angelika Baaij
External Commissioner: Sannah Boer
Secretary: Preeti Pimplikar
Treasurer: Anne Pinckaers
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