Internal Commissioner


Hi everyone!


My name is Mirte Florie and I can happily announce that I am the new internal commissioner of ISA Umami 2020-2021. I am currently 22 years old and now live in Venlo for this master’s program, but I am from Cuijk, a village nearby Nijmegen. As my bachelor’s, I studied Nutrition and Dietetics at the HAN in Nijmegen. The reason I chose to study HFIM is that I am interested in the whole package of nutrition and health, business and management, consumer sciences and food law. 


During this year I will be the internal commissioner. This means that I will be the head of the business, activity, and educational committee and keep an eye on all the activities that are organized by Umami's committees. 


Despite all the measurements around Covid-19, I am sure we can make this great academic year with a lot of educational but also fun (online) activities! As Umami, we can extend the learning experience further than only the educational program with the activities organized by the committees. 


I am really looking forward for this year and I will try, together with my other board members, to make this a great year for Umami again. I am sure we will learn a lot and have lots of fun this year as well! If you have any questions regarding the study or Umami or just want to talk you can always approach me.


See you soon!


Mirte Florie

ISA Umami

Nassaustraat 36

5911 BV Venlo

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