Hello Everyone,

My name is Dogan Basoglu, and I am the chairman of the international student association ISA UMAMI for the academic year 2019-2020. My country of origin is Turkey so before my Maastricht University adventure, I have studied Molecular Biology and Genetics in Istanbul. After my graduation, I realized that I want to take a path in my life that should include nutrition as I am a person who takes precise care of his nutrition, so I wanted to take it to next level. With this thought in mind, I have studied and completed Biomedical Sciences master’s program with specialization of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Metabolism at Maastricht. During my masters, I have heard of HFIM master’s program that makes you actively involve in the food product development through lectures, tutorials and internship opportunities. Then I thought to myself that this would be an opportunity of a lifetime for anyone who wants to create healthier food products and become more involved with people on day to day basis. I got accepted to this amazing program and now proud to say that I am one of the lucky individuals.

During my previous masters, for two years, I served as a member of the Educational Program Committee (EPC) of the Student Council of Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. I have learned how to actively participate in things that involve educational improvement of my master’s program by being active and productive in the meetings with my colleagues and my superiors. This have taught me the ability to multitask that helped me to become a versatile individual.

When I started my education at Venlo, I have seen the great and close student community that do many fun activities together and wanted to collaborate in a way. Then I was introduced to UMAMI student association of HFIM master’s program. My first thought was to go for a position (any position) so that I become more involved in event, activity creation processes. In the end I have selected as the chairman of UMAMI for educational year 2019-2020.

As the chairman, my task is to provide overview and planning for all the meetings that we make as a board throughout the year as well as to integrate UMAMI members’ opinions. Moreover, I have the duty to assist my fellow board members wherever necessary. As a board we also represent our association in the introduction day, open days and other events that is related to promoting our master’s program (and of course our association :)).

I believe that we will have a great 2020 activity season that awaits us: Many fun and educational and company-related events that will strengthen our bonds as friends and broaden our horizons to make each of us successful individuals.

See you!!

ISA Umami

Nassaustraat 36

5911 BV Venlo

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