Hi everyone, 


My name is Lisa Gerretzen, and I am the chairwoman of the International Student Association Umami for the academic year 2020-2021. I am from the Netherlands, more specifically from Westervoort. But I have been living in Venlo for more than one year now, which I really enjoy. Before starting the Health Food Innovation Management master’s programme, I did my pre-master at UCV and my Bachelor’s in Food & Business in Nijmegen. This Bachelor gave me a broad overview about the food industry, where I eventually specialized in product development.  During this bachelor I found my passion for food innovation, which made me want to gain even more knowledge about possible food innovations. Public health has always been of a huge interest to me, and the fact that I can combine this with food innovation in the HFIM master’s programme made it the perfect fit for me. Since I did not had enough knowledge about health in general yet, I had to do the pre-master. During this pre-master I learned a lot, and it made me even more excited for the HFIM master’s programme.


Because I have been studying at UCV for one year already, I had the opportunity to get to know a lot of students, and had the chance to get to know Venlo better and made myself feel at home. During this period of time I was introduced to ISA Umami. I have seen the great parties they organised and the close student community that they have built. So, when I started at the master’s programme, I immediately had the ambition to be part of ISA Umami and to fulfil a position in the ISA Umami board. I choose to apply for the function chairwoman because I already know Venlo and the UCV community quite well, which will help me in fulfilling my position. 


I am really  happy to be the new chairwoman of ISA Umami. As the chairwoman, it is my task is to provide overview and planning for all the meetings that we make as a board throughout the year as well as to integrate ISA Umami members’ opinions. Moreover, I have the duty to assist my fellow board members wherever necessary. I will always represent our association together with the board during the introduction days, open days, and other social or business events that are related to promoting our master’s programme or our association.


I am really looking forward to work  together with my fellow board members to make it an unforgettable year for all of the ISA Umami members, regardless the covid-19 situation. I am sure that we as the ISA Umami board will learn a lot this year, but mostly have a lot of fun! Please feel free to approach me or contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or if you just want to have a nice conversation! 


See you around!

ISA Umami

Nassaustraat 36

5911 BV Venlo

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