do 21 feb. | Beej Benders

Lunch and board games!

Registration is Closed


21 feb. 2019 13:00
Beej Benders, Monseigneur Nolensplein 54, 5911 GG Venlo, Netherlands


After a stressful week and a tiring exam, we all deserve a chilling afternoon. You are all invited for a lunch at Beej Benders where we can chat and relax all together, while playing board games. Next to this, we have free drink for everyone who joins. So make sure you don't miss out!

Later this day there will be an open mic event organised together with BEET. This will take place at the public library (STEK).

Registration is Closed

ISA Umami

Nassaustraat 36

5911 BV Venlo

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