Business Committee

As Business Committee we aim to bring our students into contact with companies in the food industry. We do this by building relations with companies in the food sector and visiting those companies, in order to learn more about their different domains, such as production, marketing, and R&D. This way, our students can experience what an internship or a future career might look like and they can improve their networking skills. We aim to visit at least six companies of different sizes spread around the Netherlands. Besides, we are organizing an international business trip to learn more about the way companies in other parts of Europe are organized.



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us! ​

Chairwoman: Ilse van Lier

Vice Chairwoman: Anja Bronnert

Secretary: Elisabeth Coppoolse

Treasurer: Robin van Ophoven

From left to right: Anja Bronnert, Elisabeth Coppoole, Ilse van Lier and Robin van Ophoven

ISA Umami

Nassaustraat 36

5911 BV Venlo

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