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You like parties? So do we!

Below you can find an overview of all the parties the Activity Committee planned at our sponsor John Doe

This is just an overview of the dates so you can write them down and don't have to miss one ;)

We will keep you updated via our social about the specific event and, of course, their themes!

Upcoming parties:
  • 12-3-2020 Party @John Doe 

  • 9-4-2020 Silent Disco @ Scala

  • 14-5-2020 Party @John Doe 

  • 18-6-2020 Party @John Doe 

  • 10-9-2020 Party @ John Doe 

  •  24-9-2020 Hello/Goodbye party @John Doe

  •  29-10-2020 Party @John Doe 

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