Educational Committee

Hello everyone! 


We are Laura, Lisa, Maarten and Marie and we are the Educational Committee for the year 2021. We aim to create contact between you as students and the teachers to make sure you get the most out of your courses. First, we want to improve the current courses as well as the courses of future students. Second, we offer events for your personal and professional self-development. We are looking forward to the following year and to provide you with opportunities to grow! 


Suggestions, questions or feedback are always welcome. Feel free to contact us! 


"The educational committee provides you with tools to develop skills for successful studies and a well-prepared career start!"

From left to right: Laura Estapé, Lisa van den Brink, Marie Drzisga, Maarten Kerckhoffs

Chairwoman: Marie Drzisga 
Secretary: Laura Estapé
Vice chairman: Maarten Kerckhoffs  
Treasurer: Lisa van den Brink